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Cookbook Proceeds Benefit FFA Program
Halley Fleming
Jun 20 2014

A cookbook project established to honor the life and community service of employee, friend, and family member, Joanne Smith, yielded a donation of $3,644.80 to the Forsyth FFA program at the annual banquet in May.  Staff members of Branson Bank, family, and friends all helped to create the cookbook filled with recipes that were dear to Joanne to share with the community.

“We are so grateful to live in the community that we do,” said Sheila Strain, Retail Operations Officer. “The outpouring of love by those who helped create the cookbook and those who purchased one in support of Joanne and the FFA program was very much appreciated.”

Due to the enormous reception of the cookbook, originally made available for purchase in February, a second order of cookbooks was placed, helping raise more than double the intended donation for the FFA program.

“We originally hoped to raise around $1,000 with this project,” said Brenda Neal, County Clerk and long time family friend. “It is amazing to see how many people Joanne touched and to sell over 400 cookbooks…Joanne most definitely had her hand in it.”

Throughout the process, bank staff, Brenda Neal, and FFA students under the guidance of John Wyatt, all helped to sell the cookbooks to raise the funds.  Plans to use the donation to create scholarships for graduating seniors who participated in the FFA program in Joanne’s name are being discussed.

Pictured L to R: Friends and Family of Joanne include: Matt Smith, Lauren Smith, Chrissy Smith, Conner Rogers, Joe Smith, and Dean Harmon present John Wyatt (center) with a donation in the amount of $3,644.80 to the Forsyth FFA Program.

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