September 29, 2022

The greatest legacies start as stories. Those stories become symbols – visible signs of a dream that has come to fruition – but continues to reinvent itself to strengthen its foundation. For us, a community bank headquartered in Branson, Missouri, the decision to update our logo after two decades was not taken lightly. With a foundation built on values, integrity, and service, we handled our brand refresh with special care to ensure that our logo is a visual representation of precisely who we are and strive to be. Today, we share our logo story.
The new, Branson Bank logo, comprised of our name and a double-b monogram, is symbolic in every way. The monogram, two lowercase b’s, represents “small business.” We focus our efforts on serving the small communities in which we live, including area small business, with quick decision-making and creative solutions.
The left blue line represents Shareholders; the people who believe in the bank enough to have “skin in the game.” They are the cheerleaders, our biggest fans, and serve as the financial support beam to the bank’s overall success.
The right blue line represents Colleagues; the heartbeat of our organization. These professionals are the experts who are willing to go above and beyond for their friends and neighbors, every day.
And who do our shareholders and colleagues come together to serve? The solid grey line represents our Customers; area businesses and families who have put their faith in our growing financial institution. Through good times and challenging times, Branson Bank considers our customers, family.
The central blue circle represents Community; the people and businesses who live and work together, sharing similar values. Whether it is honoring our nation’s veterans or supporting area schools, Branson Bank’s mission is to help our community prosper.
You may notice the lines at the top of the monogram are not enclosed – but why leave that part of the logo open, seemingly unfinished? There is nothing unfinished about it. As a Christian organization, Branson Bank makes all of our decisions with guidance from above, living by the “Golden Rule,” treating others every day, how we want to be treated.
Branson Bank may look a little different these days, but we are still the hometown bank that strives daily to make our community a better place. Still the bank that treats you like family. A place where the smiles that welcome you are as warm as the chocolate chip cookies. Still the bank that started with a simple dream and turned it into a strong, financial institution that builds relationships on trust, delivering creative, affordable, financial solutions to our community.