Dedications Held To Honor Legacy of Bank Leadership

January 31, 2023

On January 19, 2023, Branson Bank dedicated their newly remodeled conference rooms located at the Hwy. 248 and Gretna locations in honor of two, distinguished men who have served the organization since its’ inception.

J. Wes Strange, Co-Founder of Branson Bank, shared a vision of creating a community bank that truly cared for its customers, employees, and community. This vision began forming in 1998 and came to fruition when Branson Bank opened its doors March 22, 2000. Wes served as CEO during the first few years of operation, retiring in 2007 from his day-to-day activities. After, he served as Director and Chairman of the Holding Company, Branson BancShares, Inc. In 2015, Wes was recognized as part of the Missouri Bankers Association’s elite 50 Year Club, having served 50 years in the banking industry.

As one of the first investors of Branson Bank, Peter G. Peitz joined the Board of Directors prior to the bank’s origination

in 1999. With over 35 years of experience in his field, Mr. Peitz has provided vision while consistently steering the Board of Directors toward ex

cellence, building upon expectations, and striving for optimal success. Mr. Peitz in his role as Chairman of the Board helped establish Strategic Initiatives for the Board and Bank Management. Most notably in 2018, he sought training for the Board Team whom, together, they received recognition as a “High-Performance Board.” In 2021, he challenged the bank’s marketing team to give the bank’s logo a refreshing, youthful look while encompassing the bank’s core values and culture. Branson Bank’s brand blueprint and new logo was launched in 2022.

“It is our honor to celebrate the legacy of both Wes Strange and Peter Peitz,” stated Bill Jones, President/CEO at Branson Bank. “We are grateful for the years of service and leadership as they have made a tremendous impact on our organization.”