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Branson Bank offers several Business Services to accommodate your company.  Whether you have a small business or a larger corporation, our business services help you accomplish your daily financial tasks in a timely manner.


ACH Origination is a simple, low-cost way to move money quickly.  Make same-day payments to vendors, employees, or collect pre-authorized customer payments that are secure and cost-effective.

– QuickBooks Integration
– Fraud Protection
– Lower Cost (Compared to Check/Credit Card payments)
– Faster Processing
– Same Day Availability

– ACH Total File Limit: total amount of all transactions within a file
– ACH Single Item Limit: largest single transaction amount within the file
– Type of Transaction: credit, debit, or both (Requires Authorization Forms)
– Type of Payment: vendor, direct deposit, pre-authorized debit
– Wire Type: domestic, international, or both
– Wire Amount: amount of one wire to be sent

Initiate one-time and recurring payments with ease while saving money on postage.

– Initiate Vendor Payments
– Schedule Recurring & One-Time Auto Payments
– Improve Accounts Payable Operations
– Reduce Accounts Payable Related Expenses

Securely initiate same-day check deposits online without leaving the office.

– Onsite Setup & Training
– Submit Multiple Checks Anytime, All Day
– View Reports of all Deposits
– For Same Day Credit – Submit Before 5:45 PM CST

Limits:  Limits are set to match your originated dollar amounts and controls exposure of the originator from fraudulent transactions, while lowering the possibility of loss for the originator or the bank.
– RDC Total File Limit: total amount of all transactions to be deposited in one business day
– RDC Single Item Limit: largest single transaction amount to be deposited in one business day (this transaction may be the same as the RDC Total File Limit)


Benefits:  Easily monitor daily incoming checks or ACHs for your business with our online, Digital Banking. Return items that appear to be unauthorized and minimize potential fraud losses.
– Increased Fraud Protection
– Convenient Reporting
– Added Control to Pay or Return Items

For More Information – Business Services*
Stacy Cash, Business Services & Operations Administrator or 417.334.9696 ext. 4224

*Services are subject to approval and fees may apply.





Credit Card and Debit Card Processing**

To learn more about Merchant Services contact us at or call 417-334-9696.

“Branson Bank has been a vital partnership resulting in the thriving business we have today.  Thank you for the aid in making our family dreams come true.”

-Mark & Kelly Taylor, Cricket Creek Marina

**Services provided by Payment Data Exchange, LLC, a Registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, Inc. Georgia.